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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Early on in the rehearsal process we were advised to study children in our attempt to portray 8 year olds in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Not being around kids very often, I decided instead to load up my Netflix queue with Charlie Brown videos. 

This way I could study how cartoon eight year olds interacted. I'm not sure I've learned anything, but tonight was entertaining anyhow. 

I watched You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (with wine).  It features a couple songs we'll be performing so that was fun to watch. And now I think we all need baseball bats for Team, but I digress. 

Tonight I enjoyed Snoopy's song Supper Time the most. It reminded me so much of my little Peanut. He always enjoyed a good supper time. I imagine if Peanut could have sung, he would have serenaded me with Supper Time every evening. 

I'm counting on that joyful memory to get me through. We open in just over a week and I fear it may get worse before it gets better. Hang onto your hats, folks! 

Constant State of Purge

Since I moved in August I've been in a constant state of purge.

Those close to me would probably disagree considering the large quantity of stuff and things I possess.  When I moved into my teeny tiny house things just kept piling up in the basement.  This photo doesn't even do it justice.  This was probably before several more loads arrived.

I've since added a shelf, which is loaded up and there are still boxes laying around to unpack. Well I went through several and took a whole car load to Savvy Home Consignments of vases, trays, antique pieces, curtains, pillows, and even a portion of my prized party glasses. I figure I can't possible have 88 people in my teeny tiny house to use all of these glasses anyway, right?
Photo from Savvy Home Consignments.
And so it will continue. As I try to fit all of my things someplace in my house, I will have to make the decision "Do I really want to store this?" How do you pare down when your stuff begins to overwhelm you?


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