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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Coax The Blues Right Out Of The Horn

Mame photos are in! See if you can pick me out in the photos below. I had a different look in each scene.
Opening scene. First look of the show.
It's Today!
Open A New Window. Tango scene. Welcome to my Salon Pour Monseiurs. That's How Young I Feel.
Curtain Call.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

à gogo, meaning "in abundance, galore"

I love Halloween. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a costume and go out this year. Usually I have a costume under the needle by now. Last night, with reservations, I walked into the Party America store looking for the go-go boots I had seen there about a month before. After fighting through the hoards of other last-minuters, I found that luckily they still had them in my size. It was on. My mother had offered up an old dress that I could cut off to make it more go-go style. Since I couldn't get in touch with my parents last night sitting in my car in the parking lot of Party America, I decided to head straight for Tremp City and apprehend the dress myself. I haven't worn the dress since 70's day in high school, so I was glad to find out it still fits. And amazingly enough, the dress has faded less in 30+ years than a picture of it has in 10+. I'm also glad to see that the dress had been hand-made originally. As I was measuring off 21" to be removed from the length, I was thinking about my costumes of Halloweens past. Last year I threw together a long skirt to go with the short ghosty costume I had made for the year before. The two years before that had been Marilyn Monroe, one year around here and one year in the cities (Beth remembers that one). And the year before that was the flapper dress that started my foray into building my own Halloween costumes. I remember as a child wishing that I could have a store-bought costume because my mother always made ours. Now I want nothing more than a costume made by my own hands. I was wondering why I was not excited about Halloween this year and realized it must be because I hadn't sewn a costume yet. I am finally ready for my à gogo night out!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Survived Birthday Week!


Sunday was dinner at Buzzard Billy's with a friend and drinks at Top Shots to visit Blondy.

Monday was supposed to be a quiet night, but turned into The Freighthouse night with the girls and out for drinks at John's Bar. That turned into celebrating my birthday with a couple of willing boys at the bar. 

Tuesday was ACTUALLY my birthday and I celebrated by trying sushi with Ken for lunch. Definitely intriguing! More celebration followed at the bowling alley (I did poorly). I kicked off the bar tour with mellow drinks at the Bodega, a few birthday shots, and a little ramping up before heading home to Blondy's to order pizza, play Guitar Hero, and crash on her couch.

Wednesday began bright and early with lunch (which was supposed to be breakfast) at Fayze's with bloody marys and a special shot from the bar. Blondy knows everyone! I followed up my afternoon nap with a night out at Loons on La Crosse for comedy. This was the planned birthday celebration with all my friends. Drinks and more shots downtown tailed close behind comedy.

Thursday I was supposed to take it easy (it was after all the Sunday of my birthday weekend). I had lunch at my sister's and visited with my niece while she flopped around on her gigantic birthday pillow. A text prodded me to position myself on a bar stool at The Starlite Lounge for "a couple." That afternoon soon pressed on to an evening on the north side with a big old boot of beer in my hand. I managed to escape early in the evening.

Friday morning I woke with my first neck pain headache since I began visiting a chiropractor. I forgot how painful and debilitating those can be. By afternoon I was icing my neck and popping pain pills and finally my neck eased back into place. A restful day, if not for the pain.

Saturday I had plans to celebrate my birthday with my parents and my sister's family at the Pizza Corral in Holmen. Dinner was delicious and thanks to a detour to my sister's house, I even got a birthday cupcake with a candle in it. I had to blow it out and they relit it 29 times. After that, I was tired. I conned the Tremplo folks to have a birthday campfire as the finale to my birthday week and it was there I was dubbed Marshmallow Wench. I don't think it was birthday week appropriate.

Luckily my birthday week bender is over. What a hell of a way to close out my twenties. I don't think that will ever happen again. *whew*

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ode To Lisa's Birthday by Jen Mac

It's your birthday, isn't it great?
There will be lots of parties; you can even show up late.

You're the queen, the princess, the belle of the ball.
You can get drunk and silly (I hope you don't fall).

There will be food and drinks, shooters and mixers,
beer from a bottle, maybe even wine spritzers.

You'll get gifts, cards, maybe even flowers.
You'll try not to sneeze using special birthday powers.

There will be drinks and shenanigans all through the night.
Your day will come to an end hopefully filled with delight.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Celebratory Cuisine And Cocktails

We have entered birthday week! Yesterday kicked off birthday week with dinner at Buzzard Billy's. Fantabulously delicious, especially since it has been ages since I've enjoyed their fare. We even savored the flavor of an appetizer of buzzard eggs. Afterwards, we visited Blondy at the bar for a few cocktails. I even won three free for shake of the day. It was a pleasant evening, thanks! Tonight must be the eye of the storm. I have no plans. I hope to bake some birthday cookies and close out my Tastefully Simple party. I'm also hoping for a movie waiting for me at home. I guess I'll begin my thirtieth year with hope. Not too shabby. Tomorrow I'll be sampling sushi for the first time for lunch and then tomorrow night (barring any unforeseen bowling) I'll be dining at the Freighthouse with Blondy and Sherman. I'm sure cocktails will follow close behind, but Super J can stay away from me with his evil potions. So much to look forward to this week. Looking ahead, I've decided to make this year one to learn tolerance (I said I was starting out the year with hope).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hopped Up And Hummused

I've been working on my caffeine consumption today. The cappuchino from Kwik Trip following my chiropractic visit really was the ramping up to the hopped up I was able to achieve after indulging in then the chocolate covered espresso beans from Tyler. I fear even though I drank a Diet Pepsi Max with my hummusy lunch and deposited two espresso beans in a safe place for later, they may not deliver me to the end of the day without a detour through delirium. And now I find out I need to drive Angie to her car after work. That is what I get for driving her home in the wee hours of the morning! We did have a lovely time lounging at the Starlite sippin' on my favorite Apple Crisp Martinis (three...Yikes!). Then we jaunted over to John's for a schooling in Silver Strike Bowling from Super J. And a text about Angie's smiling behavior nudged us off our bar stools and up to the Nutbush for Kahuna Karaoke. Before the night was over, we required a little refueling from Perkins and no, Angie, we did not leave Super J at the Nutbush. Was it worth it? Hell yeah. I'm just looking forward to a hiatus at home tonight with a movie and a snuggle.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunny Days, Sweeping The Clouds Away

It turned into a beautiful day today. I dare to say that it might be a lawn mowing night for me. Last night was my Tastefully Simple party. My lone guest was my sister. It was pretty mellow. I was extraordinarily tired and packed it in early. Unfortunately, probably due to the coffee my sister brought me, I didn't sleep well. I woke up one or two times every hour. That makes for a sleepy, sleepy girl. I'm hoping for a movie waiting for me at home and some snuggle time with Peanut tonight. I have had an activity-packed week and could use some down time.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dark and Dreary

It is raining again today after raining all day yesterday. It matches my mood, so it is working out for me. I'm tired. I'm feeling work and at home. One of these days I'm going to wake up (on time) and just jump head first into the day. One of these days. In the meantime, I'm dealing. I realized that because I was lazy all day yesterday, I need to do grocery shopping and some cleaning for my Tastefully Simple party coming up on Tuesday. I've got to stop committing to social obligations. They are really cutting into my seasonal depression. And tonight was supposed to be the inaugural retro girlie night (where the girls get together for a night out of drinking and pool). Maybe I can still squeeze it in. The good news is that my coworker just gave me a Diet Pepsi Max. Things may be perking up for me this afternoon.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I have the afternoon off for our quarterly pace setters outing. Good times. Lunch at Piggy's. My sister surprised me by showing up at the John's Bar last night! I think that made my week. It has been a long time since we've caught up over a beer at John's. Thanks sis! I'm all hopped up and now I'm off!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

And I'm Done

Work is so all-consuming lately. It plagues me with guilty feels of "I should be working." Why does it have to be like that? I was fairly productive this morning despite an hour-long excursion to the chiropractor. I planned to be productive this afternoon as well. I need to get caught up on all this crap sitting on my desk. I'm just not feeling it. My house is in disarray as well. Why is it that everything swings out of control all at once? A few months ago I seemed fine and now everything is wrong. I'm unsettled. I'm just waiting for the turning point. There has got to be a catalyst. I'm just not sure if I'll recognize it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wine Makes Everyone Hopeful

I'm trying to make it through. We've been abandoned by our boss at work. Everyone but me is hopped up on Diet Pepsi Max (remember how invigorating it is?). By the time I went for one, the soda machine was saying "Sorry, please try again" and I ended up with a Diet Mountain Dew.

I've had constant bombs hurtling towards me of random office items (things that have been stolen from my desk, mind you, just to be thrown at me at a later date). We have been released from our Wednesday meeting and although this gift of time could be well spent working, it feels as though that isn't in the cards for me today.

Tonight is Ken's celebrity bar tending gig at The Wine Guyz where he will be donating a portion of the sales and his tips to The Hunger Task Force. I feel it is my duty to go and imbibe. I'm looking forward to some cheese, bread and dipping sauce, and of course a dark red wine. Delicious.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adoration, Titillation, I'm The Victim Now

I'm continuing my Stroke 9 Washin' + Wonderin' lyrics as the title of my blog. I do love that song so and I finally got to listen to it on the drive up to Durand last Thursday night.

Due to a most surprisingly interesting Wednesday, I missed work on Thursday and slept most of the day. It was late in the day before I was motivated to get ready and pack my bags for the girlie weekend. I transported Peanut to the folks' house where he promptly got sick for them. After rubbing his back, I was back on track to stop at Shirley's house. She finally let me go with an "I hope Jenny appreciates you tonight. Don't talk yourself out; I want the whole story tomorrow." I really hoped Jenny appreciated me too, because I did not arrive until 10:47pm. The cheddar snacks would have to wait until Friday morning.

Friday Jenny woke me with coffee and a cinnamon roll. What a great way to start girlie weekend! I made my famous cheddar snacks while Jenny got everything else ready to go. Shirley and Beth finally arrived in our travel vehicle: a Toyota 4Runner. Worked out well except for the far back seats, which were apparently designed for midgets.

Friday at the cabin proved rainy and we spent most of our time lounging around relaxing. We ventured out for a late dinner at TJ's Margaritaville where good service was not on the menu. The food was pretty damn good, though.
The sun came out for us on Saturday and even got us to turn on the central air in the cabin. We had lunch at Angler's downtown Hayward and then visited a few shops and the Wine Cave. Fabulously relaxing. We spent the late afternoon playing cards on the deck and as the sun went down, we went down to the dock to soak up the last warmth of the day. There was a small incident of drunken boaters after dark, but I won't post pictures of it so nobody has to know. ;)
We welcomed Sunday morning down on the dock as well. I got my best pictures of the lake and cabin in those early sunlit moments. After shutting down the cabin for 2007, we headed into town for lunch and then did our fudge shopping. The sky clouded over as we drove out of Hayward and as the trip depression began to slowly wash over us, Shirley left a trail so we could find our way back again next year.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This Just In...Where To Begin? Grin And Bear It, It's Bare and Grim.

So, I've been spending a lot of time at the Walgreens over the last two days. Yesterday I dropped off some film to be developed in ONE HOUR. It was not, due to some computer glitch (excuse). So, the full-of-excuses employee said she would put my film in right away and it should be done within ten minutes. "Ten minutes is not so bad, I'll wait," I thought.
Ten minutes of perusing holiday magazines, and I wandered back over to the film counter. Some customer lady was occupying the full-of-excuses employee's time, so I waited. When the customer lady FINALLY left, the full-of-excuses employee told me she had not started my film yet. She said it would be ten minutes. "I'm leaving," I said. That only took an hour and a half.
So, my dad calls me last night on his way home from work. "Did you forget to pick up your film at Walgreens?" I told him the story and he told me that he had accidentally picked up my film. You would think they wouldn't let just anybody pick up your film, but whatever. I picked up my film from my dad today and after staring at the house on the first photo for a few minutes and not recognizing it, I flipped through the photos to discover they were not mine.
The apologetic-employee assured me the photo CD would be correct since it had the right numbers on it. It does have my photos along with some kid's birthday party photos. *sigh* Point being, I got a few extra photos from my Retro Happy Hour as well as some flooring pics for your viewing enjoyment. Let 'er roll...

It Is 10:23

I just looked at the clock and noticed it was 10:23am. Oooh... overdue for a break. Better go get a bottle of water and have a snack. Oh, and I always look at the clock at 10:23. It is one of those freaky things about me that makes other people not want to know me. To that I say, *shrug*. At this early dawn of October I will take this as a foreshadowing of all the good things to come this year for my birthday, October 23rd. That is all for today.

Monday, October 1, 2007

3, 3, 3

I finally got some pictures from our Annual Sales Conference two weekends ago. I would like to show you a little glimpse of this ultra-professional conference I attend every year in the Dells.Early in the evening...only slightly unprofessional. Late...late...later. I swear his tongue isn't actually in my ear!

This last weekend I participated in a little Oktoberfesting on Friday. Okay, I commenced festivities at about 10:30am after a trip to the chiropractor. Thanks to my beer nazi friend (is that appropriate to say in conjunction with a German heritage festival?) I was well on my way to buzzed up by early afternoon. I took a break (and a nap) and by the time I rejoined the festers, I wasn't quite feelin' it. I had an okay time and went home early.

Saturday I slept in. It was raining and I skipped the parade. Later I decided to skip the whole second day of the fest and headed to Trempealeau to have a campfire at Sherman's. Much more satisfying than the alternative. I was disappointed to have missed the highly-acclaimed Jim Busta Band, though. *Sigh* Maybe next year.

In the meantime, I have 3 days, 3 hours, and 3 minutes until my Northwoods Adventure begins. I can hardly wait!


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