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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning

After completion of the main portion of my basement, my thoughts turned to perking up my sad, little laundry room. With that project nearing completion, I can't help but think what could be done to streamline my work shop. The work shop has seen a lot of action over the past couple of months. I'm blaming it on spring fever. I've been whipping through project lists like I have nothing better to do. I've been tackling things that have been on my To Do list for four years! However, the more projects I have going, the more clutter in the work shop and the more dust and dirt collecting on every surface. I did some general clean up in there today before starting another spray painting project and found a few things to set aside for the trash. Nothing feels better than spring cleaning. I better get back to that.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not So Much

Well, as luck would have it, both jobs I was keeping my fingers crossed about have fallen through. At one company the lady who was leaving, decided to stay. At the other there was one other person who was better at surfing the internet than I am. I guess it is back to the drawing board for job possibilities. I was going to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings tomorrow night with a friend in hopes of a celebratory drink, but instead, I'm going to get liquored. I'll finish up work in my basement and start rebuilding my life next week. It's funny that when I lost my job I thought I could get another job. I guess not so much.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Roses

I returned to the employment agency today to take a few gruelling proofreading and internet tests. Add those excellent scores to the excellent scores from my previous tests and I'm looking like the best candidate for a new job. They told me I wouldn't have to interview with the company because the agency was responsible for sending over the best candidate. The lady I spoke to seemed very impressed with my skills. Again, wouldn't it be crazy if I had a job next week? At home, I've replaced my old, stained vertical blinds in the kitchen as well as the heavy drapes in the living room. My dad and I priced out buying electrical conduit for use as curtain rods for my extra long living room windows and it looks like a go. I just need to schedule the truck for delivery! I've been busy in my basement renovating my laundry room. I've been spray painting things, priming wood, and will be painting more tonight. It is going to be a bright and sunny room to do my ironing or sewing...eventually. This weekend, my parents will be getting a major renovation too. I offered to paint their guest bathroom and somehow I'm now painting the dining room, kitchen, and hall. With a red accent wall, it is going to be a big change for them. I swear, I'm still getting that bathroom painted eventually. It may be the 60 minutes of exercise I'm trying to get in each day, but I'm feeling very positive lately. I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I can definitely smell the roses.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interview With The Leprechan

This week I had an interview! During this bout of unemployment I have only had interviews with people who had been referred to me. This particular case, this man had appreciated my work in the past and when faced with an open position he called to see if I was still available. I'm optimistic. I hope to have a second interview next week. However, in the meantime, I actually got a call from an non-referred employer. I've had several applications into the City and I usually get a letter in the mail a month later (which is actually better than most employers). But this time, they called to schedule an interview with me! Point being, I hope to be celebrating with the little people next week. St. Patrick's Day always marks the anniversary of buying my home. It would be great to add to that celebration this year with a new job! Wish on your four-leaf clovers for me!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good And Spicy

I'm feeling good! I went grocery shopping last night and filled a whole cart! My refrigerator shelves actually are full! Before shopping I had a canister of coffee, some old pickles, a jalapeno (how long has that been there?), condiments, and some old assorted beverages someone pushed on me years ago. I have fruits, vegetables, meat, and cheese... things used to make meals! And if that didn't make me feel blessed enough, my pantry runneth over as well! I packed in cereal, pastas, canned foods, and even had to clear off another shelf in the basement pantry for more supplies. Who's coming over for dinner? I'll double my recipe for you! So, what is a girl to do that has a full pantry? Go out to eat! Due to a lucky windfall from the sale of some collectibles, I'm heading out to the Buffalo Wild Wings tonight for some good and spicy BONELESS wings. I couldn't be a happier camper. Have a good and spicy, pretend spring day!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lonely Girl Recipes

If you're looking for my new favorite recipe, the name has changed! Since most of the time I'm cooking for one, I chose a more appropriate title. The great thing about singular recipes, though, is you can always double them for two! Happy cooking.

It's Freezing Over

It is so cold outside you can hear the ice crackling and popping because even it is too cold. Peanut bravely trotted all the way down the block tonight, but I noticed he stayed clear of the crunchy, uneven terrain of the ice fields. Once he had finished his business, he took off at full throttle back towards the house. He is not really fond of the cold for being of Husky decent. I sure am not too fond of it myself. I quickly took care of my garbage night business and headed back in to my snuggly warm 60-degree house. I'm looking forward to snuggling down in my flannel sheets one more night before laundry day. With the completion of the floor painting in the laundry room, Step 1, I am on Project Basement hiatus. I plan to finish painting the rest of the laundry room floor (where the appliances were grouped in the middle) after the delivery of my new freezer which will live in there. I haven't gotten word as to when that will be, so I'm playing the waiting game. We'll see if I can leave something unfinished with no idea of the possible deadline. Maybe when Hell freezes over.


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