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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blink Blink

I'm on the bus home from the Blink 182 rock show. We are still rocking out to high intensity drumming. It feels fitting considering that the best part of the show was Travis Barker's amazing drumming. I woulda dove for one of those drum sticks he threw out if only I was close enough. The vocals from Tom DeLonge were more than disappointing. Considering I never saw this band live until now, I'm not really sure what to think. Was it just because he was wasted? He did sound a little like the town drunk at karaoke night. That unique sound was complimented by some well-placed belching. Sweet. Is it just that he is getting older? The teen angst music they are known for does seem strange coming from these aged fellas. Or is it that he never could sing but they have awesome producers? It is a hard call. I do know that the music still rocks. As a matter of fact I was amazed at how well Tom DeLonge played guitar considering he couldn't even keep his eyes open most of the time. If he hadn't sung at all, it would have been a kick-ass concert. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I think in the future, I'll listen to their music from the CDs I know will be awesome every time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Community In La Crosse

I counted Oktoberfest in La Crosse, Wisconsin as my community event last week and it really was. I spent time catching up with a lot of old friends. I enjoyed about an hour of the parade (just enough for me) from the radio station parking lot with a beer in hand and brats and pudding shots within reach. I made it to a few bars and then back to the fest grounds to fill up on fabulous fest food and catch the amazing Jim Busta Band. I am sad that I will miss Brat Pack Radio this year, but am grateful for the community time I had in La Crosse. Lucky for my Illinois co-workers, I was able to bring some of the Oktoberfest back with me. I smuggled some good old Wisconsin brats (and brat buns) back across the border. My boss man supplemented the lunch with hamburgers and hot dogs from our local hometown market and grilled them all up for us to enjoy over lunch today. As with any Oktoberfest, you never know what the weather will bring. My time in La Crosse last Saturday was absolutely beautiful. Today is shaping up to be pretty warm, but with nightfall, those clear blue skies are going to leave us a bit chilly. I'll be attending the Blink 182 concert at the OUTDOOR Verizon Wireless Amphitheater tonight and really experiencing that brisk fall weather. I think I'm going to have to dig out some sweaters and gloves. Happy Oktoberfest!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm looking forward to visiting my niece this afternoon. I hope that she has some blocks for me to play with so she can knock them down. It is always a good time.

I predict my newer niece will be practically full-sized by now. After all she is almost a month old now! Maybe she'll even have her eyes open for awhile.

After sharing dinner with my sister's family, I may head to the big city of La Crosse to enjoy a few frosty beverages. I can only hope. So far I've had quite the relaxing time here in Wisconsin. However, maybe this is just the calm before the storm (I.e. Oktoberfest). Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After a drippy day in Wisconsin, I'm really looking forward to some beautiful fall weather along the Mississippi.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Working On It

My goal to attend one community event each week is going swimmingly so far. This last week I counted the chicken dinner fundraiser (known by my fellow Wisconsinites as a "Chicken Q") to raise money for the MS organization in Springfield. It was on Friday and actually pretty convenient for me as well. We closed the office at 4:30pm so I had plenty of time to swing by the Noonan's parking lot on my way home before the masses came through. It is about ten blocks from my house, so I headed home to enjoy my dinner and feed my doggy. Then we packed up the truck and hit the road for Wisconsin. After leaving the Dells I'll be heading back to the La Crosse area for the remainder of the week. I believe that Oktoberfest would qualify as a community event here to meet my goal for the week. I'm definitely planning on it! If something else interesting crops up I'll be sure to keep my follower (Hi Sara) informed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have arrived in WI Dells for our Annual Sales Conference. I'm testing to see if my new mobile blogging is working.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Grey Gardens No More

I've been meaning to bring my camera along on a morning walk for weeks now. I wanted to capture a photograph of my very own neighborhood Grey Gardens. There were windows missing, broken, and boarded over. There was an abundant amount of garbage laying around the house. But, the best part was the overgrown back yard. The whole thing was weeds, but they stood taller than me. At one point in time there was a dog kennelled in the back yard, but by mid-summer you couldn't see him anymore through all the weeds. About a week ago I noticed that the empty (and never used) garbage cans had been removed from the alley way. The alley weeds had also been mowed down. Shocking! I've suspected that the house has been vacant mostly because the dog went away at some point. But this morning, there was a man and a truck! He was hauling out appliances. I can only imagine what the inside of this place looks like, but if you've seen Grey Gardens that is what I picture. As I rounded the block and walked through the alley this morning I got the biggest shock of all. Almost all of the weeds in the back yard have now been mowed down. You can actually see the back of the house. Crazy! It may be that a landlord has evicted the renters and is now trying to clean up the property. However, I have to be honest, I hope it gets torn down. That place is fucking creepy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Just In

I will be playing Barbara Pitts, Reggie Fluty, Tiffany Edwards, and Newsperson #1 in the Springfield Theatre Center's production of "The Laramie Project" November 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, & 15. Mark your calendars!

Art & The Daily Happenings Of Life

I was able to attend the Art Spectacular at Washington Park over the weekend. It was a beautiful day for an art fair in the park!
I didn't find anything to bring home with me, but did see some great art out of my price range. In all fairness, I have one small section of wall in my bedroom that could use some wall art. Other than that, I'm all full up. I also have a rule that I don't buy anything unless I know where I'm going to put it. That rules out a lot of the pieces that arouse the response "Oh that is awesome!" when I realize "What am I going to do with a pottery pig?"

Last week I also auditioned for the Springfield Theatre Center's "The Laramie Project." I had a call back on Monday that went extremely well and I'm positive about the possibility for a part or two for me. The cast list has not been posted yet, but should be coming out soon. As always, I'll keep you posted, but I'm so excited already! Theatre in Springfield. Who could ask for anything more?

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Goals

I've taken up a new goal as of today. I recently started adding events to our stations' community event calendars. There is so much going on that seems interesting, I think I should try to attend one community event each week. First up: Art Spectacular at the Carillon. This is an art fair in Washington Park this weekend. I've actually been looking forward to it for about a month. Tune in for a follow up blog on the event!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Day Down

I packed my first vacation day in WI full of fun. I arrived Friday at 1:30am and was really ready for a little snooze. I woke up early to see my parents before they headed off to work, but then Peanut and I crawled back into bed for some more shut eye so I could feel like I slept in. I stopped by my sister's on the way to La Crosse to meet my new niece, Miss Julia. She is surprisingly light for being so gigantic. Of course she hasn't even been with us a whole week yet. I had a fabulous salon appointment and met Blondy for one of those famous Bodega sandwiches I've been thinking about for the last month. I also picked up cinnamon rolls and my free frosting from the U-Bake store and swung by the vet for some pet meds. After a light dinner at the Westview in West Salem, I headed to La Crosse again to meet up with some friends at the Bodega and bid one a fond farewell. It was everything I dreamed it would be. The beers were cold, the conversation good, the company better, and the Irish car bombs were the best. I also arranged for the purchase of a new blackberry. I couldn't have asked for more on my first day back in WI, but today is a whole new day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The weather makes me want to go out and buy some pumpkins. I love fall. I just can't believe we're here already. I moved to Springfield at the end of April. Spring. Two seasons ago! The trees were full of pale green leaves and the flowering shrubs in front of the office still had empty branches. Somewhere over the last four months we also had summer, although I must have been too busy to notice. It probably didn't help that it was a mild summer here. On one of the hottest days of the year, the day of my housewarming party in early August, I sweated away trying to decorate my back yard at 10am. I had a conversation with my neighbors for the first time and they let me know that this was nothing when you're talking Springfield heat and humidity. So here we are with our toes in the chilly lake of fall. Not sure anymore if the water is warm enough to just dive in. Somehow it feels like my life is mimicking the seasons once again. What was the full passion for a canon ball just a few weeks ago has turned into the possibility for a boat ride. Maybe my desire for constant change is part of the reason I dig fall so much. There is nothing like transition. Everything else pales in comparison to the transitions that take place in the fall.


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