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Monday, September 21, 2009

Working On It

My goal to attend one community event each week is going swimmingly so far. This last week I counted the chicken dinner fundraiser (known by my fellow Wisconsinites as a "Chicken Q") to raise money for the MS organization in Springfield. It was on Friday and actually pretty convenient for me as well. We closed the office at 4:30pm so I had plenty of time to swing by the Noonan's parking lot on my way home before the masses came through. It is about ten blocks from my house, so I headed home to enjoy my dinner and feed my doggy. Then we packed up the truck and hit the road for Wisconsin. After leaving the Dells I'll be heading back to the La Crosse area for the remainder of the week. I believe that Oktoberfest would qualify as a community event here to meet my goal for the week. I'm definitely planning on it! If something else interesting crops up I'll be sure to keep my follower (Hi Sara) informed.

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