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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've Fallen Behind!

I was attempting to blog every day during the month of November and somehow I fell behind. Last weekend was another busy weekend with three performances of "The Laramie Project," two cast parties, a strike party, and a couple of parents in town for the weekend.

We were also blessed to have about 300 supporters standing outside the Hoogland Center on Friday night just in case the hate mongers showed up (they did not). After walking through the crowd to get into the theatre, it was also exhilarating to perform to a SOLD OUT crowd. This whole experience is something I won't soon forget.

I've been laying low for the most part this week. I'll have to get back into my community events. I'm looking forward to the Festival of Trees this Saturday. While my parents were here, they accompanied me to the holiday fair at Lincoln Memorial Garden. I've been wanting to get out there anyhow, so I was thankful for the opportunity to check it out. I hope to return when the weather gets nicer again.

At some point this weekend I will have to start planning Thanksgiving. I can't believe it is next week. I also can't believe I can't host the party this year. I'll do my best to make it easy on my mom, though. I'm really looking forward to another WI getaway and some quality time with the Tremplo Gang. Once again, Jen Mac, you will be missed!


  1. Sorry to report that I won't be able to relive last year's food fight. I have to work Friday. Sad, I know. Maybe Friday night?

  2. How long are you going to be home for? I have plans for Turkey day but could manage a trip down to visit Friday or Saturday...
    Oh, and I like the song. I'll be singing it in my head the rest of the day. :)



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