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Friday, December 11, 2009

Light Tour

I think a light tour is in order for this weekend. The cold weather and snow (okay, flurries) are upon us. The decorating is done. I need to see some gaudy Christmas light displays. It is just time. I can hardly wait! It is also time to get into the kitchen and start cranking out those Christmas cookies. I was actually going to skip it this year. (I know, right? Me... not bake. Crazy talk) But with the decision to host a holiday party at my house next weekend, I decided I need cookies. You can't have a holiday party without holiday cookies. This weekend is going to be spent immersed in holiday. From the lights to the cookies, to planning the Xmas party. I was told to just throw some cups out there (yes, by someone who actually knows me), but I refuse. Shocking, right? I couldn't possibly throw a party that wasn't excessive. It is just my thing. Deal.

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