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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So, I just wasted my lunch hour driving around the great city of Springfield. I intended to get my oil changed, but Midtown Tire turned me away telling me it would take longer than an hour. So, I hopped on the Blackberry looking for another lube location. I headed back out on the road and did a big old circle, finally finding the secondary service place only to decide that it was too late to get an oil change and make it back to work on time. So, the joy is that I get to do it all again tomorrow! However, I also had some errands to run like picking up some necessities as well as Christmas shopping. I suppose I can't really do my Christmas shopping over lunch anyhow since I only have a vague idea of what to buy the little munchkins. The main determining factor is that it has to be local. I'm afraid this is going to be a look and see expedition. I'm not a big fan of those. I like knowing what I want to buy, knowing which store carries it and where it is located, and then stopping in to pick it up. When will I have time for all these errands? If I buy presents I will also need to wrap them. I'm out of practice considering it has been a very long time since I've purchased gifts for others. Is this the stress that other people usually feel before the holidays?

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