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Monday, December 21, 2009

Who Said "Macbeth?"

I've been disappointed, to say the least, to hear about the scandal at my hometown theatre in WI. My friend was stage managing a show there and the whole second weekend was cancelled because of this scandal. I can't even imagine the disappointment after putting your heart and soul into a show only to have the rug pulled out from underneath you.

I can't imagine it, because in my 31 years I've never seen anybody do such a thing before. Any self-respecting theatre person knows the show must go on. It is time for the theatre to place people in charge that also believe this most important of the theatre laws.

If you have been involved with La Crosse Community Theatre, I urge you to become actively involved. Take a look at what is happening and speak your mind, whatever that may be. A community theatre is only as good as the group of people who breathe life into it.

 ‘Honk’-ed off: Artistic director’s firing leads to cancellation of LCCT production La Crosse Community Theater fires artistic director, cancels shows If you want your opinions heard, you can contact the LCCT board members: Tom Brock: Cary Heyer: Krin Krause: Vicky Kunz: Chuck Roth:

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