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Monday, January 25, 2010

Cookin' Fool

During lunch break seems like an appropriate time to contemplate what I accomplished last weekend, since it was mostly food-related.

On Friday I tried out a new recipe for a ratatouille pizza. I picked up some spices on the way home and decided to pick up a pre-made crust as well even though I've been working on my own for quite some time. As it turned out, I was glad to have it because the prep work for a ratatouille pizza was time consuming. I prepared mushrooms and red peppers while the eggplant salted. I also mixed up a new recipe for pizza sauce. Then I had to saute all the veggies before layering them over the crust and homemade sauce. It was okay. Good enough to eat the leftovers, but it was a little too eggplanty for me.

On Saturday I had a date night by myself. I mixed up a vinaigrette for some salad greens. I prepared an individual lasagna (with leftover pizza sauce), and in lieu of red wine, popped open a bottle of champagne. The lasagna was good, but not quite right with the pizza sauce. You know... it has the same ingredients, but the different proportions make all the difference. I'm definitely going to keep trying on this individual recipe because it will be well worth it.

I did manage to polish off most of the champagne. Hey... it woulda gone flat. What I didn't get drunk (is that right, Dad?), I mixed with my orange juice Sunday morning and sipped on as I prepared my very first beef roast in the crock pot. It was a great recipe, but against my better judgement I didn't pare it down. I'll probably do that and get the individual recipe up in the future. It was delish, delish, delish. (I'm hopped up on my coffee flavored beef leftover lunch). I rounded out my weekend with blueberry pancakes and leftover ratatouille pizza on Sunday. Oh, and threw a pan of brownies in the oven for dessert after the roast. Needless to say, I brought the leftover brownies to work. I'm not sure I'll need to eat for the rest of the week!

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