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Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Week!

No not mine. Peanut's! He is really looking forward to the birthday party on Saturday, which his grandparents will be attending. So far, I know we're going to make cookies because Peanut loves the cookie crumbs on the floor.
I had a setback this weekend and didn't get him in the tub like I thought I was going to. I realized last night that he was still a stinky boy and I had done nothing about it all weekend. Hopefully I can squeeze an evening bath in this week and maybe take him out to get his nails trimmed. What an exciting week for him!
I've been contemplating a gift. I used to buy him a new leash for his birthday every year just to make sure he didn't break it (he used to be quite the sled dog in his youth). With the realization that the leashes cost $40, that might not be in the cards for Nut this year. I've been thinking about a pet bed for quite some time. Maybe his eleventh birthday is the finally the time to get him something to cushion his old bones when he lays on the floor.

Peanut bathed in sunshine, snoozing on the couch this weekend.

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