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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Relaxation

I began my Saturday with laundry. After loading up the washer with my first load, I headed back upstairs. My slipper got caught under the open steps and sensing I would fall, I slammed my foot down. I hit my shin on the next step up and I think my arch slammed down on the backside of the stair. OUCH!

I took this as a sign that housework was not a good idea. I put my feet up, iced the shin, and sipped my coffee while perusing the Better Homes & Gardens.

After getting all numbed up, my leg felt pretty good and I headed out to walk my dog. On our way through the backyard, we stopped to clean up the yard. Peanut hung out while I raked. In the process I noticed a stone surface in the grass. I pulled away the grass to uncover a stepping stone. My curiosity urged me to look for more. This is when I stumbled upon a few that have the look of marble and are verticle instead of horizontal.'re thinking it too. I noticed there were numbers in one and I thought do I really want to keep looking and find out for sure what these stones really are? That is when I realized why there are random flowers in the grass around these stones.

Really? This is my relaxing weekend? I'm nervous to find out what today has in store for me.

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