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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching Up

I feel as though I'm catching up. It is only 6:30pm and I'm done with work already! It is still daylight outside and everything. I am starting to feel better about being able to accomplish my work during the workday. How sweet is that?

I actually haven't put in too many hours this week. It has been a pretty laid back four-day week. On Tuesday I left right at five so I could hit up dinner night at Osaka. It was fantastically fabulous as usual. On my way home I stopped by the Food Fantasies health food store to look for a soap Sherman had recommended. I was able to find it there and my neighbor and her two girls were standing right in front of it. How funny is that?

Wednesday I high-tailed it out of work early so I could dip in to Docker's for a few with a couple co-workers before meeting up with the boy to try out a new restaurant. It was most likely run by the mob, but the calzone was stellar. I enjoyed the leftovers today.

Tonight I predict I have a movie waiting for me at home. Peanut and I could use a little movie snuggle time. I'll need it tonight so I can jump right into promotion weekend with SoHo Music Fest on Friday and our Big Hog Giveaway on Saturday. Rain, rain, stay away!

By Monday with those two promotions under our belts and the new receptionist with a week under her belt, we should be all caught up!

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