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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh My

I can't believe I made it through the day! I am trying to prepare for the big fireworks extravaganza this Friday for work, get my house ready for a vacation, get my work life ready for a vacation, and a little theatre design work on the side. Sheesh. I'm going to be so ready for a vacation!

Today I had a meeting out by the lake to decide on a final layout and hash out a few details. It was a beautiful day for the drive and the outdoor meeting. If the weather holds, it is going to be absolutely perfect weather on Friday! I almost can't wait to spend the whole day out there!

While swinging through the south side of town, I picked up vacuum bags from the Electrolux dealer conveniently open only from 8am to 5pm. Now if only I could get off my porch couch and do the vacuuming.
Tomorrow I'll have more cleaning to do at home, cotton candy supplies to pick up, and theatre tickets to wrap up and ship off. When will I have to to get my car serviced? Planning, and errands, and packing... Oh my!

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