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Friday, July 23, 2010

All Quiet

Despite a miner accident this morning, today was a fairly good day on the western front.

I began my day spoon-feeding Peanut soggy dog food with a little canned dog food to entice him to actually eat it. Since he has discovered that the pill pockets make him sick, he is less likely to take them, so I have to shove them down his throat. I feel like such a mean mommy. But I'm SO glad he's eating and keeping the pills down.

After eating a little last night, almost a full bowl of food this morning, and a half bowl tonight, Peanut seems to be regaining his strength. He is still pretty mellowed out, though. I tried his toe-pinching test and he seemed to react for the front legs, but not so much the one I could reach in the back. I've decided I should try before I give him his meds in the morning. After all, that is how I would want to begin my weekend...

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