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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cool Kitchenaid

I did a little more testing of the fancy new Kitchenaid stand mixer on Sunday.  I got a little wily and decided I wanted to make bread. I picked a focaccia bread I've made before because it calls for fresh rosemary and I haven't been using my backyard container rosemary that much. That and it is topped with cheese. What is better than that? Oh... dipping it in some olive oil with salt and pepper... or topping it with fresh pesto made from my backyard container basil. Can you tell I was excited about the bread?  I did learn from my previous mistakes and stowed the loaves in the refrigerator to prolong their life (I hope!).

I also whipped up a batch of Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookies. So delicious. Everything worked like a dream and the hardest part was waiting for the sugar cookies to cool. They are so fragile when they come out of the oven, you have to let them cool on the pan before moving them to a wire rack. Then, they are fair game... but they will still crumble because they are so delicate. I brought the leftovers to work on Monday afternoon and they were gone in a matter of hours. I've posted the recipe in the Lonely Girl column on the right. This is a paired down cookie recipe so it makes a smaller batch. If I have egg beaters or apple sauce in the house, I will halve the recipe one more time, because the recipe would call for 1/8C of egg (this is where you can substitute egg beaters or apple sauce). You can also whisk an egg and measure out an 1/8C, but I usually end up throwing the rest away. Also for your reference, the vanilla would measure 3/8 tsp in the smaller batch. Anyhoo, worth trying out if you like sugar cookies.

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