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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fair Fair Sofair

So the fair is underway. On Thursday I headed out to the Coors Light Entertainment tent to kick off the fair with a couple Lokos. NOTE TO SELF: two Lokos is too much for this girl. These 24-ounce malt beverage and energy drinks pack a punch! We watched the parade dawdle on by and stayed for the sunset before packing it in for the night.

Friday I had quite the adventure looking for a functioning ATM machine as a storm quickly rolled in. The state fair speaker system was advising fair goers to calmly seek shelter as the kids riding overhead in the sky ride thingy were screaming bloody murder. As the ATM was "processing" the black clouds stormed in, the temps dropped about 30 degrees, and I fought the sandy, gusting winds to make it back to the tent just in time for the laws to come in to shut us down and shoo us into the Grandstand for shelter. Moments later it was pouring rain and we waited for the storm to pass.

When they finally let us out, we took cover under the beer tent for awhile more before they opened it back up to the public and started serving beer.That is when the tent started rockin' and us radio folk headed out to finish out the night in the rain. The highlight of Friday would have to be mini corn dogs and a regular one once I finally got money from an ATM at the end of the night (right next door).

Whew. Even after staying in Saturday, I'm still tired thinking about that long, hot walk into the fair. And yet I'm still feeling drawn to go search out some pizza on a stick. It only comes around once a year, right?

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