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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Peep From Peanut

This is seriously the best name for the Peanut update that I could think of. It is too hot outside. My phone says the "Comfort" temperature is 106. It makes me angry just thinking about it. I can just hear CWLP's cash register ring as the temperatures creep up, refuse to dip into cooler temps at night, and my air kicks on... and kicks on... and kicks on...

Anyhoo... the Peanut update! Peanut is down to taking a half steroid pill once daily and is still taking half a pain killer twice a day. He cries out a little occasionally when trying to move about his "kennel." He likes to wag his tail when I come home or when he gets to go outside, but he hasn't been lifting his head up to look at me. He is still panting a lot and drinking a lot of water (with a lot of outside trips).

He thoroughly enjoyed his visit from Grandpa and Grandma last weekend. He spent a lot of time standing at the gate looking for their attention and even broke free to join us in the living room for movie night. Grandpa had the job of constantly petting him to keep him from wanting to get up and move about. He did a great job! (I have to vacuum again.)

This week Peanut seems frisky. At least twice on the way back in from outside he has noticed his toy box and headed that way instead of right back to the bathroom. Both times I grabbed a toy to take back into the bathroom with him and he enjoyed it for a few moments. His buddies are keeping him company during the day.

Today for lunch, Peanut laid down outside in the front yard and it wasn't like when he was too weak to walk further. He just wanted to hang outside. It was nice to see him enjoying himself. He even rolled around in the grass. I finally convinced him it was way too hot to hang outside and he expertly scaled the ramp and headed back to the comfort of his air conditioned suite.

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