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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip And Things

I really enjoyed my Wisconsin getaway last weekend. It was great to have a whole weekend with no big plans. I met a friend for lunch, out for dinner with the family, got a hair cut, met some people out for drinks, and enjoyed the crackling of a campfire along the Mississippi. It was practically glorious.

Peanut did very well on the trip. When we arrived he got a little too excited and then must have hurt himself a little because he laid on the floor whimpering while Grandpa petted him back to good health. He's happy to be home, but already missing his favorite grandparents.

I am enjoying some new jewelery, clothes, and makeup purchased in Wisconsin. I love using "I'm on vacation" as an excuse to buy things I need. I picked up some jewelery on a super sale so I can't feel too badly about that. I appreciate a couple new pieces from the Herberger's and really, really LOVE my new blended powder makeup and lipstick from Clinique. Thanks Mom!

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