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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Visitor

After a few drinks out after work on Friday, Sherman made it to town and we headed off to see Chicago at the Hoogland. We really enjoyed the show apart from the perfume assault I suffered. We topped it off with a late night dinner at Darcy's Pint. We got an order in just in the nick of time!

With all of Saturday stretching before us, we hit the Springfield Boot Camp for a light morning work out. By the time we got ready for the day we were starved and had to check out the Charlie Parkers for a good old breakfast shoe (always a high light of having out of town guests)!

We got to the Dana Thomas House just in time for an early afternoon tour and then cruised on out to Lincoln Memorial Gardens for a walk along the lake path (pic). We managed to do a big loop without ever crashing that wedding, but we did encounter a lost wedding guest who missed the ceremony from the sounds of it.
Since we were way down south already, we cruised Route 66 to Chatham and sampled some treats from the Apple Barn before taking to the mall for some light shopping.

We closed out Saturday with a little homemade pizza 101 lesson, a candlelit dinner on the porch, and movie night in comfy clothes.

I slept furiously after all the gloriousness of the day.
Berries at the Lincoln Memorial Gardens.



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