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Sunday, September 26, 2010


I survived the Annual Sales Conference in Wisconsin Dells. I even got a little exercise in. When we had a break for football, I hit the River Road for a walk. It was serene.  I had a great time out on a little Wisconsin Adventure.

Tuesday I picked up my pup from the kennel. I was deeply dissatisfied with his care in my absence. Starting with the fact that he was so incredibly dirty that they felt the need to give him a bath without my permission. He has been licking a lot since then and still smells like old lady perfume, which irritates both of our allergies.  He was whimpering for a few days like he had been injured and I noticed a sore on his leg. Oddly, they did not mention that anything happened to him. Of course, they also did not give him his meds while I was gone and I don't believe he ate all his food and drank enough water because he had very dark urine when I picked him up and he was more ravenous than usual. I can't believe the people at Rysher Farms had nothing to say to me when I picked him up, considering his unusual condition. Then I arrived home to find that they had removed his collar and tags and had not put them back on. I called to have it sent to me, but they have not responded and I have not received them yet. I have stopped payment of my check for motivation. Let's hope that works. I really don't want to have to get rabies tags replaced. Ugh. What a nightmare.

Considering I'm back in Wisconsin not even a week later, I wish I had left Peanut in the loving care of his grandparents. He is thoroughly enjoying his time with them now. He had a whole day yesterday to hang out while I hit to the streets of La Crosse for the big Oktoberfest parade and festivities. Kohlrabi came down to celebrate with me and we had a pretty good time until about 9pm when we needed to put ourselves to bed. It was a long, fun-filled day. The only photo I really got was this choice one. And this pretty much sums up our 2010 Oktoberfest experience.

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