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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Princess Zombie

I was treated to a boat load of "birthday princess" paraphernalia at work the Friday before my birthday. By the time Saturday rolled around and it was time to decide what a zombie would wear on her birthday, I decided if I was a birthday princess zombie, I should have a dress to match.

I headed down to my costume closet and began tearing up a bridesmaid dress (sorry Jen Mac). After tearing it up as much as I could, I took it out to the back yard to shove it into a planter. I was disappointed to learn the fabric was fairly stain resistant, but I did the best I could to scuff it up.

After hastily applying my makeup and getting ready to head out the door, I wiped the blood off my hands onto my skirt. It is quite liberating to know you are free to get your dress as dirty as possible. As a matter of fact, after I arrived at the pre-zombie walk staging area, we decided my dress still was not dirty enough. We headed out back to the garage and I got assaulted with dirty hands.  The effect was nice, though.

Our zombie mom took this picture on the porch before we headed out to the park for the event.

At the park we had plenty of time to see all the other zombies arriving and my zombie boss got this picture of me as I listened to two singing birthday greetings on my voicemail.
We had a pretty good time out at the park and an even better time out on the pub crawl afterwards. I have to admit it was one of the most interesting ways I've ever spent my birthday. It would have been nice to be home in Wisconsin with my family's celebration, though. If I had known I'd be stuck in Springfield without a visitor, I promise I would have made the trip! Maybe next year.

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