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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heat Wave

We're having a heat wave. A tropical heat wave.

Unfortunately we already had the overnight freezing temps that killed off my tropical plant and forced all the leaves to drop from the walnut tree in my backyard. Hopefully some of this gorgeous weather will make it to the weekend so I have a chance to get the yard cleaned up and properly prepared for the changing season.

A crazy alley squirrel (I presume) tried to help me empty my flower containers. When I went home for lunch one of them had been half emptied out onto the patio. Have I ever mentioned how crazy the alley squirrels are? They are like the gangster squirrels of the neighborhood.

Anyhoo, I had pretty nice weather for the chili cook-off last weekend, but not nice enough to hold the party in the backyard. It was warm enough to be comfortable and cool enough to crave a sample cup of warm chili. I made two varieties: a four-pepper chili and a white chicken chili, and four other people brought chili to enter into the challenge. We had a supa-spicy variety, three-meat (steak included!) variety, a standard chili, and "tavern" chili.

When the tavern chili won the contest, we joked it was probably actually purchased at a tavern despite the chef's claims otherwise. It was a fun time, though, and I've almost got my house back in order. Almost. I still can't decide if I should make this an annual event or if I'll just think of something new for next year anyhow. Time will tell.

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