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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eating Our Way Across Missouri

A few of us traveled to Springfield, MO to check out our sister station's bike show on Saturday. After a morning in the car, we were welcomed to the hotel with a few drinks in the hotel bar before check in.

After a visit to the bike show and plenty of note taking, we got a little tour of the city and the radio station. Delivered back to the hotel, the restaurant was calling our name. We had bruschetta and spinach dip as appetizers, followed by a steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus for me. Every last bit was absolutely delicious. We had no problem using up that restaurant gift card!

After that we crashed for a bit. We were all stuffed beyond reason and all our smart phones had dead batteries. How smart is that?

We dragged oursleves out on the town to a local tavern to meet up with a radio peep and sing some karaoke. Little did we know the karaoke host is also an award-winning BBQ cook. There was a BBQ spread waiting for us and after a few hours I did sample his BBQ brisket, which I understand had coffee in the sauce. Yum!

With nothing going on Sunday, we wanted to hit up Branson since we were so close. We browsed the downtown shops and enjoyed lunch overlooking this picturesque "river," which is actually a lake. I understand it is a chilly lake, kept that way for trout. Bizzaro!

Did I mention it was about 89 degrees in Branson? It really made us feel like we were on vacation. After wearing out our feet, we picked up the tour in the car. We drove the strip and saw a lot of theatres, amusements, and empty swimming pools nestled into the hillsides.

We headed north early in the afternoon, but Branson definitely left me wanting more. Hopefully I'll get back soon!

For dinner, we had one last adventure on the hill in St. Louis. We sampled one of the open restaurants in this Italian part of town. My baked mostaccioli was great, but I wish the bocce restaurant had been open. Again, I feel like I need a return trip!

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