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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Story Of A Crazy Lady

So I actually left work before dark today...just. I ordered a pizza so I didn't need to cook. I get home and four minutes later it is being delivered. I spend a few hours between my backlog of mail, some TV, and Peanut snuggles.

Then I decide it is time for bed (even a decent hour for that).

I take Peanut out one last time and then I head into the bathroom to begin the going to bed process.

I notice spots on the mirror and I wipe them away. I wipe out the sink. I pause for a contemplative moment that very well could have ended with me turning off the light and heading to bed, but then I get out the cleaner to spray down the shower.

While that is working its magic, I head to the kitchen (at this point I don't even remember what for). Before you know it I've got the dishes done and the counters cleared.

I take something into my bedroom and put away the two baskets of laundry and rif raf from my last travel adventure. I go back to finish the bathroom.

I take a receipt to my desk in the living room, straighten the throws and pillows, sort my stack of mail, and put away Peanut's toys. I notice the over flowing garbage can and decide they could all be emptied...and I may as well clean out the fridge while I'm at it.

I scoop up all the rugs and take down the shower curtain (I had a lotion bottle explode all over it this morning). A trip downstairs to throw the load into the washer makes me feel like I should fold the towels from Peanut's bath a week ago.

Finally heading to bed just over an hour later. I'm a mad cleaner if I get in the groove; I only wish I'd be motivated earlier in the evening.



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