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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tor-nay-do, Tor-nah-do

Anyway you say it, the clouds were swirling over Springfield this evening. Looking forward to working this weekend, I actually planned to leave work on time today. But as the rest of my co-workers were heading out the door, I was concerned about getting caught in a storm on the way home.

At this point it wasn't even stormy, but we had been under tornado watches during the afternoon and had just been upgraded to a warning. As I waited out the warning I worked, but as the storm rolled in I got more nervous. I saved my work frequently!

The darkness came on all of a sudden and as I stood at our front doors, I watched the clouds swirl in. Yikes! I kept thinking about Peanut at home. The worst was the howling wind and driving rain. I don't think we even saw any hail. It took forever to roll in, but once it did, it seemed to dissipate quickly, thank goodness.

I finally braved the funnel clouds to head home...still early for me! It was raining, but luckily I encountered no flooding. The crazy thing is that the neighbor's yard looks like he got snow.

I'm glad to be home safe and sound enjoying movie night with Peanut.

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