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Sunday, May 8, 2011


I think I'm infatuated with a lawn mower. After letting my lawn get WAY out of control, I finally tackled the lawn mowing project on Saturday morning. After a few rounds around the backyard, the mower died.

I rolled it over to the patio thinking it was out of gas and noticed the oil had spurted all over the deck. I parked it and headed indoors. I cannot believe I've ruined a second mower since moving here. I swear I never killed a mower in Wisconsin. A quick check of my bank account revealed that I would not be buying a new mower this weekend. I decided to take the rest of the day off.

Sunday I puttered around the house doing this and that and avoiding the inevitable lawn situation. I finally made arrangements to borrow an electric mower and within a short time it was delivered right to my door. I headed out to tackle the yard and was incredibly impressed with the outcome.

The mower turns on by squeezing the handle...the first time. It is quiet! It made quick work of the knee-high grass. And the battery lasted for the whole yard even though I had to double cut a lot of it. Even better is that there is no oil, no gas, and no maintenance. I want one! I really want one. I haven't felt this way about a mower...well ever. I've found my perfect match!

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