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Friday, May 6, 2011

Travel Time!

Man, I wish I had this brand new set of luggage last weekend for my Minneapolis adventure! I could have kept my bag from rubbing on that gigantor bruise on my leg by using the rolling duffle. And the heavy carry-on wouldn't have been so heavy with my new rolling carry-on (or full-size suitcase). And it's super snazzy too in it's bright red attire. A perfect perk-me-up for long, dreary days in the airport.

Can you tell I'm excited about the four-piece luggage set I won today in our all-stations contest? Super excited! What's even better is that after tracking all of my points-winning actives for a few weeks, my boss noticed I do a lot around the office. They don't notice Administrative Professionals Day or anniversary dates, but if you write down what you do every day it really does the trick. Handy. Well thanks for the suitcase. It is exactly what I wanted.

You know, my last set of luggage I got as a graduation gift....many years ago. Here's some luggage...why don't you pack your bags. I hope to use this luggage for fun things for years to come. It's more of an optimistic set of luggage. I hope it wants to see some beach on the ocean as much as I do.

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