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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Hoggin' Mama

Friday was unbelievably busy! Luckily all the sales people left early, which gave me fewer distractions. However, I still have a list of things that I should have gotten done but didn't have time for with all the Big Hog Giveaway preparations. Those things are now on my pre-Monday to-do list.

Friday night we hosted a trivia night to raise some money for Habitat for Humanity. I think in that regard, we were successful. It was a packed, hot house. The rock station morning show emceed and they did not disappoint. They are pretty funny guys. I just wish I'd gotten dinner.

Saturday started early hanging banners and prepping the Big Hog Giveaway party location. By noon I was already hot and hungry for some ball-shaped VIP food. I thoroughly enjoyed a few Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea and water cocktails too, I'm not going to lie.

Free Beer Hot Wings emceed again while one by one the qualifiers were eliminated. It was a fun station event day even though I was missing a wedding in Wisconsin. And I realized yesterday that the hog giveaway in 2010 was my very first event, so yesterday was my very first second year event. I'm probably going to have to get everything right now.

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