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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


What a carazy day! All around glad it's over and done with. The best thing to come out of today was a little change.

I made a haircut appointment for myself last week thinking I'd hit myself up for some money right at payday. That plan backfired considering my upcoming vacation has already drained the wallet.

I was feeling really crappy that I'd have to cancel the haircut appointment I've made three attempts to schedule. The haircut appointment that is at least three months overdue. The very first haircut appointment I've ever made in Springfield. So sad.

And then it occurred to me on the brink of sleep last night that I hadn't tapped into my change jar in awhile. It is usually an emergency fund of sorts. So I gathered it all up this morning and vowed if I cashed out at more than twenty dollars, I'd keep the appointment.

I'm happy to say I'm finally getting my haircut in Springfield. Maybe it's finally time for a change. Poor stylist doesn't even know what he's in for.

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