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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Me Too!

Oops! I had another whirlwind couple of days.

I had a gluten overload, I believe. I went a few days without and then had way too much and was not feeling so hot. After another day of abstaining, I was feeling better. Not surprisingly, I've been doing fairly well allergy-wise even though I ran out if allergy meds. Worth pursuing.

I got my house whipped back into shape somehow after my long Wisconsin vacation and still had time leftover this weekend to go out to a movie, attend a U2 ticket giveaway party, and laugh to a little comedy show out in Riverton.

And as a super-special end of the weekend bonus, I was offered a ticket on the ALICE U2 bus to see the highly anticipated 360 tour in St. Louis! I'm sure the alarm will ring far too early tomorrow, but how could I pass up U2? When someone offers you a free ticket to see the best band ever, the answer has to be Yes! Me too! I want to see U2!

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