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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rock the Dock

Yesterday we had this big fireworks extravaganza at Lake Springfield Marina. This year I didn't have to arrive until 8 am! That was pretty sweet. I can't imagine if I had started at 530 like the previous year.
The beginning of the day started out fairly well. Porta potties, flat bed trailers, and generator were all there when I showed up. The dumpster came mid morning. The sound guys rolled in and began doing their thing. And a ferocious wind kept the heat from melting us.

My super-fantastic co-worker brought gyros for lunch and things began to go downhill. With all that energy my body was using to digest lunch, I began to short out. I wasn't finishing sentences and would forget what I was doing. This is where I think the heat stroke began.

I took a lunch break to head home for a shower and a change of clothes. Peanut got an outing and early dinner and then I headed back towards the marina. I checked into the hotel for the band and picked up ice for the coolers and arranged for more water. We definitely needed more water. My car thermometer read 95. They said the heat index could have been up to 107. I was fresh as a daisy for about ten minutes.
The gates opened at six and the family fun zone was hopping. People just kept pouring in and by fireworks time the lot was exploding at the seams.

For not liking fireworks, I have to admit it wasn't half bad. And the singer of Hairbanger's Ball sang the national anthem. Pretty cool. All the hair bangers seemed to enjoy themselves and the libations long after the last firework fizzled out.

Apart from having a little heat stroke, I'd have to say it was a great event. I gotta say... I love planning parties!

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