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Sunday, July 10, 2011

So Sad

It is so sad to see a vacation coming to an end. I have had as much fun as possible here in Wisconsin.

I enjoyed pool time with the nieces complete with more and more jumping in by the girls and catching by the auntie. Pool time was followed by a delicious dinner made for me by my sis.  I also got to join in the family dinner out at a local establishment as a quick break from Catfish festivities.

My friends and I discovered some new Catfish festivities to keep us! And we had some traditional moments like the pancake breakfast followed by a walk to the river and dam tour lead by Kohlrabi. We topped it all off with a campfire or two after the crowds wore us out. Simply magical.

It will take me a few days to put it all into perspective.


  1. Your soup could use onions because you puree it they wouldn't any any structure other than viscosity and flavor. Just say'n!

  2. I can't eat onions. None of my recipes include them. :(



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