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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Truly A Vacation Day

I met my parents out for dinner tonight and my mom asked me "So, what did you do today?"

The answer was "Absolutely nothing."  I slept in a little. I worked out under the watchful eye of DJ Jazzy Jeff, the cat. I made a juice for breakfast although it was already pushing lunch. Then for good measure I brewed and extra strong pot of coffee and toasted an English muffin. It definitely should have been lunch time by then, but I was pretending it was still morning.

After lazing around, I finally motivated to get ready for the day. I stopped over at my parents' house to visit my Peanut and take a few pictures of the counter and tile in their master bathroom before flying off to La Crosse to pick out a paint for it. The mission: a light grey with brown undertones that had a darker cousin for the later painting of their bedroom. I believe it is officially mission accomplished.

After meeting my parents out for pizza and stopping at the theatre to pick up the paint supplies, I was back to their house to feed the Nut and start dismantling their bathroom. I feel like I made quick work of it. I started the project about seven thirty and was washing paint out of the brush by ten. Tomorrow I will have to stop over to do a little touch ups and clean up, but I think it is a pretty good looking grey with the pieces they already have in there. Hopefully the color I picked out for their bedroom will work as well. Luckily I won't need to do that during this vacation.

Tomorrow I may be back to lazing around. Man am I tired!

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