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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whoa! What?

I lost a day this week. I'm not exactly sure what happened there. It seems like I was 100% present each day and yet looking back, I was overtired most of the time, so maybe more like 72%.

So, last night (Tuesday in my brain), I took out my garbage and recycling like I normally do on Tuesday nights. This morning I noticed I had an email from Netflix about receiving my latest movie. Okay. I closed out the email and didn't think much of it, but it started working on my brain a little in the background.

By the time I was taking Peanut out this morning I was thinking ahead to the things I should do at work. So, this, this, and that... wait. Is it Wednesday or Thursday? Hold the phone. As I looked out at the little blue box of recycling perched on my curb it started to shatter my reality. Even as I stepped back inside to finish getting ready for the day, my brain was still sorting things out.

I must have slept REALLY well last night for the first time this week. I think I'm finally awake and ready for that fast-approaching weekend!

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