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Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Adventure

Now settled into October and after a few weeks spent at home, I was back on the road. I headed north to Wisconsin to paint for my parents and hit up the local best restaurant ever. I'd highly recommend the Freighthouse in La Crosse for your next pretend birthday. It is always delightful.

From there I continued West into Minnesota for a wedding reception for the lovely couple I was so lucky to see wed in Florida. It was a long, long drive as the wind whipped across the plains. I arrived to find my hotel room on the main floor, right between the back door and the pool and right next door to a party room.... A kids party room.
Luckily when I arrived I had just enough time to get ready, grab a drink at the neighbor's hotel, and catch the shuttle to the reception. The driver was super friendly chatty and rumored to smell like cows. I would stash away his "advertising" business card for later.

I had a fabulous time at the wedding reception with humorous company and entertainment, delightful food, and even a little Dazy Head dancing. Who could ask for anything more from a wedding reception? I believe they throw the best weddings.

I got my revenge on the partying neighbors with a little after bar in my room followed by a late morning awakening. Well I actually got up early when housekeeping tried to break into my room, but took a nap after that until check out time.

I rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, and shoved everything back in my suitcase in time to meet my parents for a dog exchange and new tire birthday present unveiling at a truck stop. Joy!

It was a long, long, even longer drive home through Iowa on that sunny, hungover Sunday afternoon. I was so happy to arrive back in Springfield safe and sound and spend a little quality time making out with my dog and the couch.

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