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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Explosion

Did I mention I finally found my favorite decorative stripey pumpkins?

In past years I've ventured to the Apple Barn in early September to gather as many of these beauties as I could afford. One year I even cut one open to harvest the seeds with the hopes of growing my own. The problem is I don't remember to plant the seeds until the fall when I want the pumpkins!

This year due to my lateness of decorating, when I searched the Apple Barn for them, I came out empty handed (Well, not completely... I did find an apple cinnamon fritter with my name on it). A few weeks later I found a bag of three of them at my local asbestos grocery store. It was marked three or four dollars, so I opted for only one bag.

Then on Halloween I needed to run to the WalMart over lunch to pick up cream cheese for my Wildtree party and I stumbled upon a huge crate of those threefer bags at a dollar a piece! FINALLY I'm all stocked up. I have little decorative pumpkins everywhere. And I'm dorky enough to be super excited about it!

These little guys will get me though November and will probably make the trek to Wisconsin to grace our family Thanksgiving table. I couldn't be more thankful for the bounty.

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