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Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's been crazy windy in Springfield the last few days. Yesterday was cold and rainy, AND windy. In the afternoon I noticed a large branch had fallen out of my walnut tree and onto one of those cables coming from the main line in the alley to my house. It was perched on the wire and hanging down to the ground.
Luckily a call to my landlord took care of that problem. Unfortunately he couldn't do anything about the week that was rushing by me with a giant "whoosh."
I didn't participate in any Halloween festivities ON Halloween because children frighten me and I realized I had planned to host a Wildtree party on Tuesday that I had completely forgotten was coming up so quickly.
I worked a little late, hit up the grocery store, then headed home to mix up my samples and do the housework I had neglected over the weekend. Everything came together nicely for a small gathering of friends, food, and a little fizz. I even had a few leftovers to share at work.
Wednesday was another big day with pre-event prep. I had a lot of little details to wrap up at the office, plus errands. This year I needed to do the grocery shopping for our Taste of Home Cooking School. It was nerve-wracking to think about, but with the help of one of our trusty morning show guys, we shopped Super Market Sweep style in record time. By noon I had the groceries unloaded at the center and everything inventoried. And back to the office.
I got a little extra snoozy q's on Thursday morning before I was needed at the center to unload our culinary specialist, the one and only Dana Elliott. Before long I was prepping and preparing Hot Fudge Cake and a dijon chicken dish. So much fun. We finished everything in record time and I enjoyed lunch with a few other kitchen helpers before one last jaunt to the office to complete the final pieces of the big event puzzle.
I slowed down for a movie and nap time with Peanut before his dinner and my return to the center for the show. Everything ran smoothly for the most part and the show was great! I can't wait to do it again next year!
To finish off my crazy week, I was invited to a gala fundraiser dinner today...for tonight. I rushed home to glam up in my only gala-worthy dress and rushed out the door with a final whoosh for the week. I think I'm settled in for a little less whoosh for a few days. Ahhh.

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