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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yard Workin'

Since I tend to have lazy Saturdays, Sunday is usually my motivation day. After another attempt at perfecting whole wheat blueberry pancakes and downing a couple cups of coffee, I was ready for a little yard work.
I headed outside with Peanut and chose planting my mum as my first task. After standing and analyzing my tiny flower bed for a moment, I knew the best place for this mum would be in the flower bed I kept meaning to dig out. So I did.
I grabbed my border spade and hacked out all the grass along one side of the back fence. Then I trudged through all the fallen walnuts to use the spade to pry out old driveway bricks. One at a time I freed a brick from under a weedy mess and hauled it back to line my new bed.
I arranged the bricks along the meandering edge and cleaned our my container plants to fill the bed with soil. Then I plopped that mum right on the corner by the gate. I also took the opportunity to replant salvaged garlic bulbs. I'm super excited about that! And next spring I'll be able to plant a tomato plant in the ground! I already feel like I might need to expand in the spring. But for now, I'm happy.
I finished off the lovely 74 degree afternoon by spraying out those containers and putting them away for winter. I took outdoor furniture in, cleaned my grill, and even changed the oil in my lawn mower after one last run over all the leaves. However, this weather does make me want to use the grill one more time.
Now to tackle the indoor projects. I fear the sun is getting too low to properly clean the windows. That project is probably getting bumped. But little does Peanut know...he's in for a full spa day. Then I can finally tackle the regular weekly chores. I wish there were two of me!

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