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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Card Season

This year I got a Christmas card from the garbage collectors and a good friend! I feel so blessed!

Not that I'm one to send cards. I hate cards. Once the season is passed I will throw your card away. Don't get me wrong...I appreciate the sentiment. I just don't want to partake. Or keep it forever in a box collecting dust. Last year I did use photo cards as gift tags and that worked out pretty craftily. I can still be crafty, right?

And if you receive a card from me (or even a facebook birthday greeting for that matter), it means I really care about you or appreciate something you did. I'm not one to throw sentiment around for the sake of it. And there are cards and letters I do keep. I feel like you know when it actually is special.

So that's it. A call to arms to say what you mean and only send cards when you are moved to do so. Can we all agree?

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