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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disappointment And Other Activities

I spent my weekend puttering around the house. Nothing huge, just this and that little tasks you put off. It was pretty laid back and yet I crossed a lot off the to-do list. I realized it helps if you actually make a to-do list. It really helps to have clear objectives and know what you want to accomplish. And it's so rewarding to cross those tasks off the list! I even found my life goals to-do list and realized I could cross a few more things off. Exciting!

I did so much in fact, I wondered what my dad will find to do on his upcoming visit. He is usually fixing something for me! Maybe we'll just have to have a good time at a couple shows, visit the Charlie Parkers, and he can fix me and the birds a little popcorn! I was wishing my mom was here already. I could have really gone for a few dice games this weekend. And although I've been thinking a lot about Christmas cookies, I haven't dived into that yet. My mom would be a big help there!

As I chugged on into the End of the Weekend station, my thoughts turned to work. All weekend I intended to turn on my Christmas itunes playlist and didn't get around to it. It occurred to me that I should load up my ipod and take it to work this week. So the search for the ipod began.

I searched high and low for that thing. The last clear memory I have of using it was on the plane home from Florida. For the trip I placed it and the headphones in a snack sized ziploc bag. Most of the time when not in use, I stashed that little ziploc bag in the middle zippered pouch of my purse...which was loaded with all sorts of travel things.

It was late getting to the Bloomington airport that night. I do not have a clear memory of putting it back in my purse. Did I throw it away with something? Wouldn't be the first time I'd done that. Did I pull crap out of my purse in the car and leave it in the console...which was recently ransacked by a (what I thought was a would be) burglar? September seems so long ago and hazy now.

La sigh. I am la disappointed.

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