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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Holiday Anniversary

My folks traveled down for their annual anniversary visit. I took a day off to escort them to a welcome lunch at Joe Roger's. Springfield's favorite chili is not mine, but pleasant enough for the start of an Illinois Adventure weekend.

Friday night we ventured to Hill Prairie Winery for a murder mystery dinner theatre which was not so much theatre as we would have hoped. After being recruited to participate in the show, my dad easily took the lead as being best in show. An interesting experience to try out, though if you have 45 dollars you can't find another use for.

Saturday was Charlie Parkers day, followed by a fudge stop at the Apple Barn. In between we managed to create heaping trays of sweet rolls, game day treats, throw a few dice, and slurp up some spaghetti before I headed out to a station event and the folks ventured out on their own to the 2nd City show (good reviews there).

Sunday was the big Wisconsin sports game thingy. We met up with a couple co-workers at a local watering hole, treats in hand, to view the sports spectacular with other green team fans. Luckily they served beer to keep me occupied.

After the tragic loss, my parents humored me in my desire to see the Dana Thomas house all gussied up for the holidays with flickering luminaria lighting the path. It was a magically merry event I wouldn't want to miss! A bountiful beef roast dinner at home topped off our holiday extravaganza.

With swollen tummies, we settled into the sofa for movie night. Popcorn was popped and as we popped it into our mouths, we plunked it in front of Peanut, and piled it in strings for the birds. Already adorning the shrubbery, I feel the birds' tummies will be swollen by tomorrow.

To top off the night- a viewing of Saturday Night Live's classic Winter Wonderland. What a wonderful weekend! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

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