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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Now Taking Tradition Suggestions

I'm anxious to be done with work with the impending Christmas holiday, but I have no idea what to do with myself all weekend!

I have long spent Christmas alone. Ever since my siblings started giving the folks grand babies, it quickly became about the kids. So having my own traditions became important to me.

Back in those early days of grand babies, I was working at a Fox television station and a small portion of my responsibilities was to schedule paid programming. One of the best gigs ever! In no way was it challenging and the paid programmers bribed me with holiday gifts like steaks. That first year I made the steaks on Christmas Eve for a small gathering of friends (back before I really cooked). It was pretty plain jane as dinners go, but the whole evening was special in a tradition-starting sort of way. The following year when the steaks arrived, I looked forward to preparing them for myself on Christmas Eve.

My tradition of visiting Pier 1 on Christmas Eve was born during this time as well. Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit more than browsing holiday housewares to jazzy holiday tunes at the Pier 1 in Onalaska, WI. Unfortunately I've found the same is not true of the Springfield store. Sometimes it actually sucks the spirit right out of me. I may still give it another try this year.

After I've settled in for the night, prepared a steak dinner, imbibed a little of the red holiday cheer, maybe catch the Letterman Christmas episode with Darlene Love, I read my Coca Cola Santa Night Before Christmas story to Peanut. He really enjoys it. Almost as much as the antlers he gets to wear!

As magical as all that seems, I keep trying to think of new holiday magicalness I can add to my Springfield Christmas experience. I'm going to need a lot more activities to get me though the long holiday weekend!


  1. How about explore a Springfield Park District park on Sunday or Monday (assuming you have Monday off). There are plenty of parks to explore and the weather is supposed to be wonderful.

    Take Peanut with and it can be a fun tradition. A little sun, a little exercise and nature/people watching as you stroll around a park.



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