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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I feel as though I've done the work of three weeks in three days this week. I'm amazed at all I've powered through, but I feel like I have three more weeks of work left to cram into two days. And I'm not even taking time off for the holidays!

I took a little time off this morning to tend to my Peanut. Over the weekend he developed a sore paw where his curly-q nail had gotten too long. He spent a great deal of time licking it over the weekend, so I wasn't sure if it was infected or just red from the excessive licking.

At the vet, they trimmed him all up and didn't even think he would need any meds. He seems happier already! He has still been paying it too much attention, but I'm hoping he's on the road to recovery.

He's in his golden years and every little thing makes me nervous. Peanut is my main man after all and practically the only thing that keeps me from working 24/7. I'm looking forward to a holiday weekend with the Nut!

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