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Monday, March 5, 2012

You And Me And The Cauliflower Makes Three

It's Day 1! Again!

I have a friend interested in pursuing the wonderfully healthy feeling associated with detoxing your body and eating real food, so I'm joining her as she starts her Whole30 journey.

Over the weekend I whipped up a batch of cauliflower soup. I was just reading about the wonderful detox capacity of the cauliflower and am really excited about the extra Vitamin C boost. I still haven't gotten the office sickies and I have no intention of doing so now!

I enjoyed a serving of soup over lunch and shared a serving with my Whole30 buddy and still got two in the freezer! Contrary to popular belief, healthy food can be delicious! I love this soup. I'll have to post it up here, but basically it is a head of cauliflower in 5 cups of vegetable broth cooked until tender and then blended to a smooth and creamy deliciousness. I use garlic, white pepper, salt, fresh parsley, and a dash of cayenne to season. Yum!

After a pit stop at the grocery store tonight, I intend to try a new carrot ginger soup, bake individual egg bake goodness, and of course I need a recipe of the Whole30 Survivor Blueberry Muffins! I won't be able to survive this week without them and I want to share them so my buddy survives week one too. We can do it!


  1. I'm so proud of you for helping your friend out. I hope you both feel well. In fact I've been thinking about doing another round too. Maybe I'll hitch on.

  2. Come on Sara, join in with us!I am excited to see how much better I am going to feel and lose some weight!



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