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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Accomplishment

I love it when I finally solve a frustrating puzzle. I had one at work. I needed to come up with a tracking system that had several wild card components. It finally came together just after five today. I put in another hour of double checking my calculations and setting up reports and we're all set to track away.

Things usually come easily to me and when they don't I get frustrated, which inhibits productivity. Sometimes I just need to look at things with a fresh perspective. Sometimes I need to walk away and let my mind mull over the obstacles. I did all that today. I approached the puzzle in a completely different way than I had been and when I had one last snag, I took a short breather and the solution came to me.

I love it when it finally comes together!

Speaking of a breather, though, I had more pain today. It has been just under a week since excruciating pain sent me to the doctor, who gave me a vague nod towards stress as an instigator. I wouldn't say I'm better, but I haven't had that pain again until today. Yikes. I may actually need to follow up with a real doctor. Or get rid of said stress in my life.

At least I have one less project on my to-do list.

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