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Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm looking forward to a little vacation from rehearsal tomorrow night. This weekend is my last one with a little time off for awhile. I still have a morning rehearsal, but I found out I don't have a tech on Sunday. That means any of those state fair concerts over the weekend would fit right into my schedule if the opportunity presents itself.

Next week is going to be crazy with tech week and my family coming in from Wisconsin to occupy my non-theatre time. I'm so looking forward to seeing them, though. And my new couch. Did I mention that new couch is on the way? I was hoping to have the money to actually pay for it by the time it is delivered, but there is always some sort of financial emergency that keeps me from reaching a financial adulthood.

You ever want to just give up? I keep thinking if the Mayans were right, it's been one hell of a crazy last year. (Is it wrong to hope for the end of the world?) Maybe I just need a little vacation.

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