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Saturday, August 18, 2012

What A Day

I started out at the park early with rehearsal under the hot, hot sun. I made it home, but couldn't back into the driveway. I thought perhaps a tire issue or something in the road. I swung around and pulled in face first. After exiting the car and a quick sweep around the vehicle, I didn't see any tire issues. I went inside to tackle the rest of my day.

After a few hours my house was in tip top shape. Almost all my clothes are clean, the rugs washed, the floors vacuumed and mopped, sinks cleaned, and dust dusted. I actually sat down to cross things off the list I made yesterday to realize I had already done everything on the list.

So I pulled out those shelves I've had sitting in the basement for well over a year and applied the first coat of varnish. They are so pretty and shiny and really remind me of the old wood work in my Wisconsin house. They are going to be fabulous. That is where my project day ended.

I thought I could run to the store to pick up a few staples....if I could back out of the driveway. Well, I could not. And when I got out of the car there was a burny type smell. After a google search, I headed back out to the car to get the owner's manual and look up how to check the transmission fluid. Is that the same as transaxle? Anyhow, you have to do this procedure with the engine running. Do you have any idea how much this thought freaks me out?

So that is just the beginning. What if I need a new transmission. AKA a new car? Where the hell is that money coming from? And then if I'm lucky enough to only need a little transmission fluid, how do I get it? Walk? I really want to give up today.

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