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Monday, October 1, 2012


Not so much.

After the worst sales conference ever and a few days to myself in Wisconsin, I'm not doing well on my first day back in the real world.

It didn't help that I ran out of stomach meds today. I usually take these in the morning and by 9 o'clock my stomach was churning with the stress of a million piles of paper turning into pure acid in my stomach. It's probably a bad sign to think about your next vacation the moment you get back. It just seems I'm not healing very well with the continued stress.

I had arrived home late last night and I needed time to unwind from all the caffeine I popped on the drive home. I unpacked, straightened my life, and crawled into bed about 1am. Not that I could let go to fall asleep right away. I'm hoping for a slight improvement tonight.

After a busy, busy, busy day, and a grey sky for my drive home all I wanted was to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head until the Mayans come a knocking. But I had rehearsal. I feel as though it wasn't too long ago I was toting the healing properties of theatre. Well, my stomach wasn't having it tonight. I think rehearsal made things worse.

I'm finding solace in normal household activities tonight. Trying to get my house in order while semi-watching some action flick. Okay, it's Sherlock Holmes for a little cockney study. I just can't get sucked into action movies. It is always at the peak "action" moments I get bored and get up to change the laundry or take Peanut out. At least I'll be able to send the movie back tomorrow. It's almost like I watched it.

I think I need a good, non-cockney movie lined up for this weekend. I plan to lock myself away in the house all weekend. I really need to recover from vacation and recharge my batteries...maybe heal a little.  I did pick up stomach meds today and have gone back to the double dosing.

Considering tomorrow isn't Monday, and it isn't the Monday after a long absence from work, it's got to be better right? I'm hoping for better health, more focus, more talent, more efficiency, and better assimilation in the real world tomorrow.

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