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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Don't Even Know

Oh my. It has sure been a long haul lately. Life is currently all up in the air. So let's focus on what I know.

Peanut had a stint starting two weeks ago where he decided he wasn't interested in eating anymore. Except treats. He still eats treats. I've been trying adding water to his food to soften it. Yogurt, which he turned his nose up at. And parmesan cheese sprinkles, which may have made him sick, but he seemed to thoroughly enjoy...mostly. And I got to get a new rug because of it, so that is nice.

But it turns out Peanut really loves the soft dog food mixed with his regular nuggets.  I think he's back on track to eating on a regular basis. Whew. Another near-death averted. He does still have issues with the long drive to Wisconsin and being able to walk afterwards. So what did we do? Packed it all in and drove to Wisconsin.

It was worth it though. I had a fantabulous time with Wisconsin friends and all my family. It is nice to see those closest to you when you don't know much of anything else. At least I know I can always high tail it to Wisconsin for a mental getaway. Now that I'm done with plays for awhile I may be able to getaway more often. I can only hope. I may need it.

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